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Stay in control of your
Customer Support

Simple web based software with full ticket management for your support team!

Manage your support tickets seemlessly from a feature-rich admin area and never miss another customer request.

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Why choose Viono Connect?

Viono Connect is great, we have a website builder where the demand for support is quite high.

Instead of panicking we signed up with Viono Connect and now we are finding that managing those support demands is easier than we thought it would be.

Reducing Costs.
The power of automation.

Support requirements for any business are time consuming and often costly. That is just a consequence of being in business and having customers that need you. 
Excellent support and customer care is key to running a successful business which is why Viono Connect has been developed to make the process of helping your customers as simple as it can be. Much of what we have done is build around the power of automation - automating as many of the daily tasks involved in running a help desk as we can. 
Pre-formed responses, ticket alerts, status updates and ticket merging are just a few of the ways that we help you to save time and cut costs, without jeopardising your relationship with your customers.

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Simple Administration...

  • Never Miss a Beat

    From new ticket alerts to easy to follow ticket status notes, always know what is happening on your help desk and take control.
  • Email Best Practice

    Viono Connect has the very best email practices already built into the system, so you can be rest assured that you can send and receive emails without any trouble.
  • Collaborate Effectively

    Assigning tickets, asking colleagues for help and generally sharing the task of support couldn't be easier. Everything you need is pre-built into Viono Connect.
  • Automation is King

    Viono Connect automates many of the daily functions of running a help desk, which means that you can get on with running your business.

Some of our great customers...

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